“Imagination at Work”: A Slogan That Should Electrify and Inspire Us All

The imagination inspires our initiative to thrive at what we do.  Our imagination concocts endless possibilities. The results of the creativity brought about by the imagination can open minds and increase the creativity of others.

General Electric wants us to bare this in mind as we strive to make a difference in an unremitting way.  Imagination is the key.

In an effort to get back to its visionary roots as a company focused on new ideas that unify a working environment and, subsequently, help change the world, General Electric debuted a new slogan in 2001: “Imagination at Work.”


(Photo courtesy of ge.com).

The slogan was designed to reinvigorate the public’s perception of General Electric and remind us all of the technological innovations that GE has given the world through their products across the technological spectrum.

“Imagination at Work” has always been about reinvention in so many ways and GE’s advertisements featuring the slogan have always shown the lessons of the past and the technological progressions GE has shown us through. 

The advertisements touting “Imagination at Work” aim right at the core of the message with a striking narrative quality.

As Tim McCreary, GE’s manager of corporate identity, says when talking about the additional vital importance of print advertisements for the company, “”With print, we’re able to convey a lot of detailed information not only about where GE has been — our history — but where our vision is taking us in specific industries.”

Much like General Electric, we all should be inspired by GE’s message of envisioning revolutionary products from their humble beginnings. 

We should all, additionally, strive to create an idea that works to transform the world for the better as we continuously improve and build upon the foundations laid out by other inventions.  Never give up on anything you believe in.

That is why I love GE’s interactive “Pen Sketch” advertisement circling the web.

The ad invites viewers to use their own imagination, declaring that “All big ideas start with a sketch,” and asking, “What’s Yours?” The frame then allows users to click and drag a pencil to sketch out self-created concepts, which can then be saved on GE’s Imagination at Work mini-site, as well as sent out via email to whomever you choose.

My Ray of Sunshine for today is…

“Imagination at Work” should be engrained in your mind as a philosophy to live by.

General Electric’s “Imagination at Work” slogan has always set out to trigger the inventor and innovator in all of us. 

The “Pen Sketch” interactive advertisement exudes encouragement and foresees the wide array of advancements of the future.

We all have the ability to steadily improve the world in profound ways with any passions that we strongly adhere to putting forth effort, time, hard work, and dedication.  All things that we are vehemently dedicated to are worthy of our undivided attention.  It pays off in the end as long as we put our imagination to work and keep the end result in mind as motivation.

Here are some GE “Imagination at Work” commercials that should inspire your inner innovator and spotlight the difference any invention can make by creating the building blocks for others to come.

Here is one that talks about the impact of ecomagination.

This one captures our minds when using the wind as an example of something to seize and put to good use via creating renewable energy.

Another cements the fact that ideas make the unknown possible when creating something beautiful.

Further, this ad reminds us how inspiration for advancements and achievements are all around us through nature.

Additionally, GE has used a dancing elephant to demonstrate the joys of pure water and further nature’s impactful influence on the company.  Something that could inspire us all even more as we set out into the “real world.”

This last exemplary commercial focuses on the realistic impact of creations by GE employees through a child’s perspective.  This is all real-world stuff, folks.  Your contributions in all of your daily activities make a difference whether you realize that or not.

Boxer Muhammad Ali nailed the imagination’s initiative on the head when he said,

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it—then I can achieve it.”

This goes for all things and it would serve us all well to drill this into our subconscious as we all strive to make a positive difference in any way we can, through invigorating inventions or just by inspiring others through a kind heart.  Open hearts do open minds to once unimaginable possibilities

Here is a GE commercial that pinpoints the precise conception and, subsequent, achievement idea that Ali’s quote seeks to bring to mind.

There is credence in quality concepts that are destined to make a difference.  Never lose hope and remember everybody who is around you.  You may say you’re a dreamer but you’re not the only one.  All contributions are vital to success.

We should all constantly remain imaginative.  It will keep us grounded and originality always shines through any negativity.

Our imagination works wonders.  There needs to be a better increased focus on the potential of all people.  Not all ideas are extraordinary but everybody’s contributions matter.  They are the components of success.  Open your mind and pay attention to the ideas of others.  It is imagination at work that changes the world in astounding ways, large or small.  Creativity and ingenuity both enact change any way that it sets out to do in the end.  Open hearts open minds.

Whenever in doubt of the dfference you can make, watch this.

Always try to remain inspired with a fierce fire lit to give you the daily determination to make a difference every day in any way you can.  Be imaginative.  Listen, learn, and spread love through being kind.

“Imagination at Work”: A Slogan That Should Electrify and Inspire Us All

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